The company was established in Shenzhen on November 3, 2010 as a core integrated circuit design member of the Foxconn Technology Group. Based on the Chinese market and facing global development, we provide customers with high-quality mobile terminal ICs, electronic price tag solutions, and IOT device ICs. The company's products include smart mobile terminal display driver chips, camera voice coil motor driver chips, fast charging protocol chips, mobile phone display bias chips, electronic price tag driver chips and solutions.

The company has subsidiaries and branches in Hefei, Anhui, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which are mainly combined with local semiconductor development advantages. Among them, Hefei Jetta Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Hefei Jetta) is mainly responsible for supply chain management and research and development, and Hong Kong Jetta Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (Jetta Innovation) is mainly responsible for overseas sales and R & D.

Tian Deyu's corporate positioning is: the leader of key chips for mobile smart devices, and the innovator of new retail market chips and solutions; the corporate vision is: to bring clearer and better visual enjoyment and more convenient use of mobile and smart terminals Experience, making the new retail market more efficient and convenient, and improving the consumer experience. The company's registered capital is currently US $ 10 million.