Software Drive Engineer (TDDI)-Shenzhen:


Job responsibilities:

1. Assist customers in product development and technical support

2. Assist the business team to solve engineering problems in the development and sales process

3. Circuit and layout review

4. Adjust Touch panel parameters

5. Responsible for the experimental analysis, evaluation and verification of the project

6. Analysis and solution of customer complaints, solution of customer mass production problems

7. Customer education and training


Skill requirements:

1. Familiar with C/C++ language for MCU program development

2. Familiar with at least one CPU architecture such as 51/251, arm, mips; at least familiar with more than one peripheral interface such as I2C, SPI, USB

3. Have a certain hardware foundation, be able to understand schematic diagrams, and be proficient in operating common electronic equipment

4. Have a good programming style and strong document writing ability; have the ability to analyze and solve problems independently

5. Those with Windows programming experience; those with uC/OS, Linux and other embedded operating system development experience are preferred

Accounting Specialist-Hefei:


description of job:

1. Review (preliminary review), communication and accounting of daily expense reimbursement matters.

2. Assist AP to set up accounts.

3. Organize the receipt and payment of foreign exchange data and communicate related matters.

4. Bank counter payment and communication matters.

5. Assist IPO audit.

6. Matters related to branch tax declaration and industrial and commercial annual inspection.

7. Other temporary matters within the group/department.


job requirements:

1. Hold a junior accountant title certificate

2. 2-3 years of accounting experience in production and manufacturing.