JADARD launches Qualcomm QC3+ new product JD6632

2020-07-10 15:36:58


With the rise of smart phones, the powerful functions of mobile phones and the increasing power consumption have made the battery capacity larger and larger, so the fast charging technology came into being. The fast charging technology is developing with each passing day. Qualcomm’s QC fast charging technology has developed from QC2. 0 and now the most common QC3.0 fast charge charger has even developed to the latest QC4. Qualcomm's fast charge technology has continuous innovation and progress at every stage of development. The charging voltage has been changed epoch-makingly by QC2.0, from the conventional 5V that has been maintained for many years to 9V/12V/20V, and the voltage is increased to maintain the same 2A current to achieve 18W high-power power transmission, and the wire does not require special treatment. Wires can be universal.

QC3.0 is based on QC2.0's 9V/12V two-level voltage, and further subdivides the voltage level, set the voltage with 200mV as a level, and continuously adjust until the most suitable voltage is found to maintain the best charging efficiency. . The voltage file position of QC3.0 can drop down to 3.6V and the maximum voltage is 20V, and it is backward compatible with QC2.0.

Qualcomm launched the QC3 fast charge standard in 2020 not only to increase the charging speed and lower the charging temperature, but also to be compatible with the existing QC3.0 fast charge standard. QC3 can be regarded as integrating QC3.0 specifications into QC4 in units of 20mV Enhanced version of the voltage micro-controller. The voltage can be fine-tuned in units of 20mV, so that the charger and battery can be charged at the best conversion efficiency. It can also be applied to infinite fast charging products and share the USB-A charging interface and cables. There is no need for mobile phone manufacturers to change the hardware to realize an economical fast charging solution.

JADARD Technology is a professional mobile terminal key chip design company. In 2015, FP6600/FP6601 began to sell, and its compatibility is very high. In 2016, JADARD Technology further launched FP6601Q, in addition to supporting BC1.2 Apple In addition to the all-you-can-eat, Qualcomm fast charge protocol also supports QC3.0, and has passed the Qualcomm QC3.0 certification, as well as the industry-leading support for the Huawei FCP handshake protocol, which has a stronger all-you-can-eat ability and develops compatibility for brand owners. Better fast charging products provide the foundation. In 2019, the USD PD fast charging FP6606C/FP6606AC has been widely adopted by customers, and it has shined in the charging industry in recent years.

Following QC3.0's best-selling product FP6601Q, the latest product JD6632 is launched for Qualcomm QC3. A fast charge control chip supporting Qualcomm® Quick ChargeTM 3 technology. JD6632 is fully compatible with FP6601Q, enabling customers to upgrade their products to QC3 without changing the design. UL QC3 certificate number: 4789427183-2

QC3 can charge the battery from 0% to 50% in 15 minutes, which is 35% faster than the previous generation product, but the charging temperature is reduced by 9 degrees, so that the charger and battery can be operated at the best conversion efficiency.

QC3 can be regarded as an enhanced version that incorporates QC3.0 specifications into QC4's 20mV voltage micro-controller. The voltage can be fine-tuned in units of 20mV, and it is backward compatible with the existing QC version.

Provided to choose USB Type-A as the charger connection interface due to cost considerations