JADARD launched a number of fast charging protocol chips, the maximum support for 140W PD3.1 fast charging

2022-01-14 11:09:49


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Charge head network will host USB PD&Type-c Asia Exhibition 2021 (Autumn) in Sinovac Science Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen on November 26, 2021. As the 2021 annual consumer quick charging source industry exhibition, the site gathered nearly 100 USB PD&Type-C industry chain enterprises, and as many as thousands of new products on display. Take this exhibition as an opportunity to attract people from both inside and outside the industry to discuss new ideas, new demands, new technologies and new products for the development of fast charging industry, deepen exchanges, build consensus, and work together to promote industry innovation and development.

In the seminar of this exhibition, many big names in the industry gave speeches, shared the latest industry trends and the latest layout of the company's products.

Mr. Fan Guangyao, representative of JADARD TECHNOLOGY INC. (hereinafter referred to as "JADARD", "Company"), introduced the rapid development stage, core technologies and important solutions of the company in the application of multi-port fast charging protocol chip solution at this seminar.

In this speech, Mr. Fan Guangyao, the representative of the company, introduced the multi-port quick charging system of JADARD. Before formally introducing the product solution, Mr. Fan guangyao pointed out two major changes in the current fast charging market, which are high-frequency, miniaturization, high efficiency and high power density chargers brought by gallium nitride devices, as well as the development trend and direction of fast charging protocol chips: Multi-port output, multi-function protection, intelligent power allocation, high protocol compatibility, high adaptability and PD3.1 protocol power applications above 140W.

For fast charging appliances, there are two major trends in the market: higher charging power and more and more charging interfaces.

JADARD has rich technical accumulation and product experience in the development of fast charging protocol chips. Aiming at the 20W three-port fast charging market, two chips JD6606S and FP6601AA can be used to complete the protocol control. Among them, JD6606S is hardware design, using MPC function and FP6601AA to communicate with multiple ports, providing C port power of 20W, when multiple ports are inserted at the same time, the maximum output is 15 watts. At present, this scheme has been used by two products: Bull 20W 2A1C quick charging mini travel socket and Bull 20W 2A1C Rubik's Cube socket.

At the same time, JADARD JD6606S also uses PD quick charging products within 60W to develop, only need to adjust the external RPDO resistance value, shorten the speed of research and development and achieve cost-effective products designed for hardware, and has been in chengyue Electronic Mini 20W PD quick charging appliances batch shipment.

In the face of the application of 120W high-power four-port quick charging electric appliance, JADARD Technology has also introduced the corresponding protocol chip scheme. It can be completed with two JD6621 chips and one FP6601AA chip. For single port output, ensure that one C port supports 100W output, another C port supports 30W output, and two A ports support 18W output. In the case of multiple output ports, intelligent power allocation is supported, and the 65W output capacity of one port A is guaranteed.

In the on-board fast charging market, products are also developing towards high power, and have evolved from simple a-port fast charging to A C multi-port products to meet the charging needs of multiple devices.

For the common 100W 2C1A multi-port quick charging car charger in the market, we can also use JADARD JD6621 fast charging chip control, in single port output, three ports respectively support 100W, 30W, 18W output; When the three ports work at the same time, one of them guarantees 65W output, while the other 1C1A supports 18W and 12W output respectively.

The product layout of JADARD fast charge protocol chip can be divided into four aspects: the single-port chip through hardware design has FP6601Q, JD6608, JD6620, JD6606S four; Hardware design of multi-mouth fast charging chips FP6601AA, FP6606AC two; There are FP6606A, FP6606B and JD6621 single-port fast charging chips that support secondary burning; The multi-port fast charging chip that supports multiple burning includes JD6621 and the latest USB PD3.1 fast charging protocol chip JD6622. Provide and improve the protocol chip scheme for fast charging source manufacturers to develop new products.

JADARD JD6621 high integration protocol chip adopts QFN4*4-20L package, built-in ARM M0 32K Flash 4KB SRAM, supports PD3.0, PPS fast charge and has passed the association certification, TID: 3543, also can be compatible with a variety of mainstream fast charge protocol.

JADARD JD6621 also supports 1A 1C dual-port quick charge output and intelligent power reduction, supporting over temperature protection, output over current protection, input over voltage protection; Support for I/O pin overvoltage protection, support for optical coupling and FB feedback, can be used in adapters, DC-DC product areas.

JADARD JD6622 is the latest USB PD3.1 fast charging protocol chip, which adopts QFN5*5-32L package, built-in ARM M0 64K Flash 8KB SRAM, supports PD3.1 EPR 28V, UFCS, and is compatible with multiple protocols. It also supports double C port independent fast charging output and intelligent power allocation.

In the protection aspect also integrated over temperature protection, output over current protection, input over voltage protection, I/O pin over voltage protection; Support I2C/UART, optical coupler and FB feedback for adaptors and DC-DC products.

Summary of charging head network

In this exhibition, Mr. Fan Guangyao, the representative of JADARD, mainly shared the company's product technology in the field of multi-port fast-charging protocol chips. At present, JADARD has a very comprehensive product layout in the fast-charging protocol chip market, from single-port fast-charging to multi-port fast-charging. There are both solidified fast-charging protocol chips with high cost performance, and high-performance protocol chips that support multiple burning, so as to meet the product development needs of different manufacturers and customers.

In addition to the existing mass production of fast charge protocol chip, JADARD also released a USB PD3.1 140W fast charge and UFCS fast charge protocol chip JD6622, for the future power supply market layout in advance.