With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, there are endless innovations in display screens of mobile terminals, which can provide support for a-Si, LTPS, AMOLED, TDDI full series of mobile display screen driver ICs and high-performance product solutions.


The supply of VCM driver chips has grown by multiples in the past five years, and has been repeatedly recognized by major mobile device manufacturers. It is used in various handheld devices to provide users with a stable and fast image experience, and cost-effective and stable quality to customers A more advantageous choice.


It is the first in the industry to launch a compatible multi-protocol chip, and has long-term cooperation with various agreement makers. Since the launch of the first QC fast-charging protocol chip, there have been more than 20 kinds of fast-charging related products, which can satisfy customers' all-round fast charging product demand.


With the most advanced ink screen driver IC technology, it provides the industry's ultra-low power consumption electronic ink screen shelf label driver IC. The development from black and white ink screens, 3-color ink screens to 4-color ink screens will become the rise of unmanned stores in the future, online and offline Combine the best weapon with commodities.